Effects of Acacia saligna leaves on Abergelle goats

May 8, 2019

A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of feeding fixed level of treated Acacia saligna leaves (ASL) on feed intake, live body weight change and carcass characteristics of Abergelle goats. The experiment was executed in Abergelle Agricultural Research Centre goat farm in the northern Ethiopia. Four treatments namely grass hay (GH) as a control, air dried Acacia saligna leaves (ADASL), water soaked Acacia saligna leaves (WSASL) and wood ash soaked Acacia saligna leaves (WASASL) each included at 300 g head-1 day-1 were used as supplement. Feed intake was measured daily and live weight gain recorded weekly. Measurements were also taken on empty body weight (EBW), hot carcass weight (HCW), dressing percent (DP) and rib eye muscle area (REMA). Higher total crude protein intake was observed in the supplemented goats as compared to non-supplemented. As a result, better body weight gain was observed in the supplemented goats as compare to non-supplemented goats. Similarly, better HCW was obtained in the supplemented goats than non-supplemented in general and in particular goats fed on air dried and water soaked leaves showed significantly higher HCW than the control. So that it could be included that, it is important to feed Acacia saligna leaves as an alternative feed particularly at the time of feed scarcity. However, dressing percent on slaughter weight base (SWB), EBW base and REMA were not showed any significant different (P>0.05) among the treatments. Generally, goats supplemented with air dried leaves showed higher body weight gain and carcass value compared with the other treatments.


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