Performance of egg-laying chickens fed Acacia saligna seed meal

June 8, 2019

This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of feeding Acacia saligna seed meal (ASSM) on performance of Bovans Brown hens. ASSM was prepared by processing A. saligna seeds and mixing with other ingredients to provide a balanced layer diet. Four treatments were compared: AS0 (0% ASSM), AS5 (5% ASSM), AS10 (10% ASSM) and AS15 (15% ASSM). Thirty hens were assigned per treatment with three replicates each of 10 birds. Increasing proportion of Acacia saligna meal (up to 15%) in the diet had a positive, curvilinear effect on egg production. Egg quality and hen body weight were not affected by inclusion of Acacia saligna in the diet.


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